Working With Huawei

Our Commitment

Huawei employs over 150,000 people worldwide. Our Canadian team is growing very rapidly as we expand our infrastructure, research & development and product operations throughout the country. Our commitment to each and every one of our team members is the same:

  • To ensure employees’ health and welfare
  • To promote the individual value of employees
  • To enhance the well-being of employees

Here are just a few of the reasons that Huawei is a great place to work:

Equal Opportunity

Huawei’s policy of equal opportunity is reflected in our activities in the areas of recruitment, promotion, compensation, and more. In addition to the labour-related rules and regulations, Huawei policies stipulate that there should be no discrimination on the basis of race, gender, region, nationality, age, pregnancy, or disability.

We celebrate cultural and religious diversity, and allow special accommodation for individual needs. In addition, we have been recognized as winners of the “Immigrant Success Awards” by The Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) and RBC, for our support and integration of immigrant talent in our Canadian workforce.

Global Interaction

One of the most exciting benefits of working at Huawei is that it provides an opportunity to collaborate with Huawei teams all over the world. Some roles require international travel, while others connect through digital and telecommunications.

Career Development

The loyalty and commitment of our talented and dedicated employees is a critical factor in Huawei’s success. From the moment that you’re hired, your professional achievement is a joint responsibility.

Individual Support

New hires receive 2 full days of On-Boarding, where they are welcomed to Huawei and oriented to their new role. They are also provided with a “buddy” for up to 6 months to ensure that they have the tools and skills required for success. Plus, on the job training is provided, based on the business needs and individual characteristics of each position.

Huawei University

HU offers general training sessions, core learning and development programs, and cross-departmental professional skill development programs to disseminate Huawei’s core values and management philosophy, galvanize Huawei’s corporate culture, train personnel for business and management, and help employees realize their potential.

Huawei Advantages

Each Huawei employee starts with 3 weeks of paid vacation per year, and there is no waiting period for the Employee Benefit Plan – your coverage starts immediately.


Huawei provides an extensive menu of online interactive training courses, available to our employees.

Coaching and Feedback

Huawei employees receive regular performance and career development reviews.

These are just a few of the advantages in working for Huawei. Are you ready to join the Huawei team?

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